Wood chipper

Wood chip hammer mill AMC-650
Wood chip hammer mill AMC-650

Wood chip hammer mill AMC-650
Transformation of chips into wood shavings
Productivity up to: 900-1500 kg/hour*
German concept, assembled in Serbia
12 months warranty
Over 10 years of experience.

Wood chip or sawdust hammer mill
Model: AMC-650
Chip bunker volume: 2.8 cubic meters
Chip feeding screw: 4.5 meters - 2.2-3 kW
7.5 kW fan + Ductwork and cyclone
Hardox steel hammers: 72 pieces
Sieve surface area: 1.24 square meters - various hole sizes
Main motor: 55 kW or optional 75 kW
Installed power: 65 kW or 85 kW
Wood shavings productivity up to: 900-1500 kg/hour* (1500-2500 kg/hour-75 kW)
Input dimensions of raw material: wood chips, sawdust, shavings, width up to 15 mm, length up to 20 mm
Output dimensions from the hammer mill: wood shavings 3-10 mm depending on the sieve
Bunker dimensions: 2500 mm X 1600 mm X 2595 mm
Hammer mill dimensions: 2285 mm X 1420 mm X 2595 mm
Weight: 2500/3000 kg
Electric control panel and control with EATON electrical and automation components
* Productivity depends on the size of the raw material, wood species, moisture content, and sieve hole size.
The wood shavings obtained after grinding will pass through a rotary or aerodynamic dryer to bring them to a moisture content of 12-14% if necessary or used directly at a wood chip briquetting factory or a wood chip pelletizing line.
Optional accessories for AMC-650 wood chip hammer mill:
Vibrating sleeve filter

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