Transformation of waste into solid fuel pellets

Utilization of vegetable residues - rapeseed straw and forest residues - sawdust

People working in agriculture or forestry are well aware that these two activities generate a significant amount of waste. A large portion of this waste is either discarded or burned, which negatively impacts the environment. In an entrepreneurial spirit and as a method of recycling these abundant natural resources, I propose considering these waste materials as a source of income. With a rapeseed straw-sawdust pellet press or a pelletizing installation for vegetable residues, the waste can be transformed into a finished product at reduced costs.

Pellets can come in various sizes, ranging from 4-14 mm in diameter and 2-5 cm in length. They can have a bulk density of up to 750 kg/m³ and a pellet density of up to 1350 kg/m³.

Pellets can be produced from vegetable residues or forest residues using a pellet press, where the raw material is compressed in the channels of a die at high temperature. These pellets can be used as fuel in automated heating systems, effectively replacing both natural gas and coal.

Another aspect of straw pellets is that they can be used as bedding material for various animals such as chickens, horses, rabbits, cats, etc. Alfalfa pellets can be pelletized in combination with grains or other feed recipes. The reason is simple: pellet storage is easier than baling, and pelletized alfalfa can be mixed with other ingredients (such as wheat, barley, oats, corn) to create a valuable and cost-effective feed recipe. This mixture can be made directly on the farm, eliminating the need for an external feed factory.

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