The use of forest residues - the wood chip briquette press

Green spaces represent the primary source of natural resources, namely wood. Wood processing and manufacturing are highly developed branches of the industry. As a result of wood processing in carpentry, sawmills, timber factories, furniture and flooring factories, a significant amount of wood chips and wood waste is generated. Most of the wood waste is stored in the open air.

A portion of the wood chips is burned in boilers in its raw form, but the production of briquettes and pellets from wood chips is much more profitable.

The production of wood chip briquettes offers solutions for:
- Addressing the global issue of harmful emissions into the atmosphere
- Improving the condition of forests
- Caring for areas where companies operate in wood processing activities
- Others

Which is more efficient and cost-effective: briquette production or pellet production? Let's try to consider all the arguments for and against.

Machinery for briquette or pellet production?
Wood pellets require more expensive and complex machinery. Additionally, repairing and refurbishing pellet production machinery is costly and complicated, often requiring specialized service from the equipment manufacturer.

For briquette production, a mechanical wood chip briquette press such as BriqTech is required. These presses have a 30% lower cost compared to pellet production equipment while delivering the same performance.

Regarding raw material requirements, pellet production typically requires a smaller particle size (finer granulation) and excludes impurities. On the other hand, briquette production can accommodate larger-sized raw materials without any issues.

In terms of transportation and storage, pellets are fragile and can break or crumble with repeated handling. In contrast, briquettes retain their intact shape, and their fragmentation does not affect the burning capacity of the product.

The cost of pellets is much higher than that of briquettes due to the use of more expensive machinery and the need for skilled personnel.

As a product, pellets have a smaller market compared to briquettes. This is because pellets are primarily used in pellet boilers, while briquettes can be used in solid fuel boilers, industrial boilers, and directly in fireplaces, stoves, and other heating devices.

Acquiring biofuel from briquette and/or pellet production generates high income and promising prospects for the future.

Producing and utilizing energy from renewable sources for one's own activities, manufacturing fuel from biomass (e.g., pellet and briquette production) for commercial purposes as an integral part of projects funded by the European Union. It is likely that the Romanian government will pay attention by providing financial support to both producers and consumers of ecological fuel in order to reduce dependence on natural gas purchased from Russia or other countries. At the same time, the environment will be protected through the use of renewable and ecological fuel.

With the help of briquette production, we can provide bioenergy for both private homes and agro-industrial enterprises.

Our company intervenes in the European market with offers for the commercialization of wood chip briquette presses, briquette production machinery, pellet production lines, delivery, installation, service, automation of complete briquetting and pelletizing lines, post-warranty support, and spare parts.

Our experience in selling complete pelletizing lines and biomass briquette production equipment started in 2010 when we acquired a straw briquette manufacturing line from the manufacturer "Briquetting Technology". This line has a production capacity of 2,500 tons of briquettes per year, making us a straw briquette producer. Throughout our activity, we have become the exclusive dealer of "Briquetting Technology" series PellTech and BriqTech in Europe. We have successfully implemented over 130 projects, including complete biomass briquetting lines, straw briquetting lines, and wood pelletizing lines. Read more...