Pellet press

Pellet Machine GRD-0.5
Press for rapeseed straw pellets and wood shavings GRD-0.5

Pellet press for wood shavings-rapeseed-straw. Series "PellTech," model: GRD-0.5.
Biomass pelletizing line up to 250 kg/hour.
Pellet diameter: 6-8 mm.
Created in the Czech Republic by Briquetting Technology, series "BriqTech" and "PellTech" ® - Assembled in the EU and Ukraine.
Over 10 years of experience. 24-month warranty.

Technical specifications:
Pellet production capacity up to: 250 kg/hour depending on the raw material and die hole diameter.
Optional feed pellet production capacity up to: 250 - 400 kg/hour depending on the raw material and die hole diameter.
Pellet-granule diameter: 6-8 mm
Ring die inner diameter: 270 mm
Adjustable pellet length: 15-60 mm
Main electric motor - 1 X 22kW
Mixing and humidification electric motor - 3 kW
Total installed power - 25 kW
Three-phase current - 400V, coil voltage 24V/230V within +/- 5% limits, frequency 50 Hz
Length: 1670 mm
Width: 1450 mm
Height: 2300 mm
Weight: 1500 kg
Raw material moisture content: 12-14-16% - moisture content affects pellet quality and productivity
Raw material size: 3-5 mm
Pellet density at the outlet of the pellet press up to 1250 kg/m3
Bulk density in Big-Bags up to 700 kg/m3
Types of raw materials: wood shavings* (70% hardwood and 30% softwood, dextrin 1.0-1.5%), cereal straw, grains, rapeseed, alfalfa, animal feed, and other biomass waste.
Each raw material has different tapering and dimensions for the ring die
The pellet production press consists of:
-Pellet press
-Ring die with 2 rollers - recommended to use Total Ceran XM460 grease
-Automated lubrication system at an additional cost
-Mixing screw with raw material humidification system
-Control panel and electrical control, soft starter, with a 10-meter three-phase cable
Optional accessories for the pellet press - granulator:
Steam generator
Pellet dies, rollers 6-10 mm - Germany, GRAF, SALMATEC, Italy, Serbia, Hungary
Dry raw material homogenization hopper (Silos) for the pellet press, from 1.8 - 5 cubic meters
Controlled raw material feeding screw with frequency converter
Frequency converter
Automated or semi-automated bagging system

Our experience in selling complete pelletizing lines and biomass briquette production equipment started in 2010 when we acquired a straw briquette manufacturing line from the manufacturer "Briquetting Technology". This line has a production capacity of 2,500 tons of briquettes per year, making us a straw briquette producer. Throughout our activity, we have become the exclusive dealer of "Briquetting Technology" series PellTech and BriqTech in Europe. We have successfully implemented over 130 projects, including complete biomass briquetting lines, straw briquetting lines, and wood pelletizing lines. Read more...